The 4/20 Pop-Up Menu at Room 11 is Back and Better Than Ever

The homemade Tacos Chocos from Room 11/Paisley Fig arrive just in time for 4/20. Photograph courtesy of Paisley Fig

Room 11 and in-house bakery Paisley Fig are known to embrace 4/20 in all of its munchies-inducing glory, serving a homemade riff on Taco Chocos for discerning stoners. This year, the one-day-only menu is back, and bigger than ever (see below), featuring two varieties of Tacos Chocos, as well as “Bizones”—biscuit-calzones stuffed with sausage and three cheeses. We’re hoping the bizone sticks around as this year’s hot hybrid pastry (sorry, bisnuts).

A limited number of items are available, so the bakery encourages pre-ordering items now for pickup by . Your more elevated self will thank you tomorrow.

Paisley Fig 4/20 Pop-Up Menu:

Taco Chocos: $11

Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream, choco dipped waffle cone, potato chips and pretzels

Cheesecake Taco Choco $11

Banana Cheesecake with brownie bites in chocolate dipped waffle cone, pecans

Cupcakes, $4.20 each

Finished with cupcake toppers marijuana inspired decor

Bizones (biscuit calzones), $6 each

Plain buttermilk biscuit with sausage three cheese

Stuffed Pretzels, $6 each

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