This is Why Rory Gilmore Was on Michelle Obama’s Snapchat

This is Why Rory Gilmore Was on Michelle Obama’s Snapchat

We finally found out why Rory Gilmore showed up on Michelle Obama’s Snapchat when Gilmore Girls shared this video on their Facebook page Friday evening. The video depicts Rory (played by Alexis Bledel) bringing a mountain of books (“I brought all of Shakespeare.”) for some on-the-road reading material for the First Lady’s upcoming Let Girls Learn initiative trip to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain.

Though we may have been hoping it was evidence that since the 2007 series finale episode—which depicted Rory heading off to cover the campaign trail of Barack Obama—Rory was now a fixture on the political media scene or that FLOTUS might be making an appearance in the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, we’re willing to accept Rory’s exceptional taste in literature as an explanation of events.

The best part? Rory handing Michelle Obama a box of—of course!—Pop-Tarts as a gift from her mother Lorelai.




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