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Politico to Trump: Here Are the Magazines You Asked For. Will You Lift the Ban on Us Now?

On Tuesday, Politico Playbook reported that Donald Trump’s campaign asked Politico for copies of “Politico Magazine with Mr. Trump on the cover.”  Politico is one of the many news organizations Trump has banned from receiving press credentials to its events; the campaign even kicked Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger out of a rally in California.

Today, Politico plans to send Trump the magazines he wants. (They have his face on the front! They’re great!)

A note from national editor Kristin Roberts will accompany the issues: “We are happy to provide Mr. Trump and his team with the POLITICO magazines that you requested,” Roberts writes. The note continues:

We hope Mr. Trump enjoys reading it in his spare time. In the spirit of open communication, perhaps this would be an appropriate time to ask when you will deliver to our reporters the credentials that we have requested for his many events. I know they would greatly appreciate it.

Bolded text, not in the original, to indicate a world-class ker-zinging.


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