Planner: Donald Trump’s Inauguration Will Surround Him in a “Soft Sensuality”

Here are some other things that have been described that way.
Screenshot via Paramount Pictures.

On a conference call  Tuesday, Tom Barrack, a private-equity investor who is one of the lead planners of President-elect Donald Trump‘s inauguration, told reporters not to worry about the lack of high-profile celebrities at the January 20 ceremony. Rather than fill the capital with A-listers, Barrack said, Trump’s inauguration will feel a little more, um, intimate.

“We’re fortunate in that we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the president-elect, side by side is the current president,” Barrack said. “So what we’ve done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place.”

Indeed, the transition to a Trump presidency has upended yet another norm. Washingtonian could find no instance in which any of the first 57 presidential inaugurations were described as having a “soft sensuality.” But here are some things that have:

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