Looking For A Cheap or Low Calorie Sandwich For Lunch? We Made a Tool for That

Despite the wide range of downtown lunchtime options, it’s still the trusty sandwich that office workers seem to turn to most. But how to choose between turkey clubs or BLTs when there’s a sandwich shop on every corner?

We gathered calorie and price information for sandwiches from six popular chains, including Au Bon Pain, Pret A Manger, Corner Bakery, Potbelly, Subway, and Taylor Gourmet. Use the tool below to pick your favorite filler, and it will automatically tell you where you can find the cheapest and lowest calorie options. (Different customizations may result in different results.)

Click a sandwich and see the result below:

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The Fewest Calories:

Find the nearest store.

Over all, Potbelly has the cheapest sandwiches, and Au Bon Pain and Pret A Manger own the lowest calorie options. If you want to stay away from calories and save some money, turkey sandwiches are generally the best options. Don’t care about calories or cost? Order something with melted cheese.

Want to find more about your favorite sandwiches? Check the full list below. Click the header to sort the column:

Sandwich Price Calories
Au Bon Pain Avocado BLT $6.99 580
Au Bon Pain Black Angus Roast Beef & Cheddar $6.79 570
Au Bon Pain Black Augus Steak & Cheese $7.69 690
Au Bon Pain Chicken Margherita $7.79 700
Au Bon Pain Chipotle Turkey and Avocado $7.49 680
Au Bon Pain Classic BLT $5.79 530
Au Bon Pain Classic Chicken Salad $6.59 440
Au Bon Pain Ham & Two Cheese $6.59 550
Au Bon Pain Newport Turkey $7.49 730
Au Bon Pain Tuna Salad $6.49 460
Au Bon Pain Turkey & Swiss $6.89 660
Au Bon Pain Turkey Club $7.19 630
Au Bon Pain Warm Chicken & Avocado $7.79 669
Corner Bakery BBLT $7.99 740
Corner Bakery Chicken Pesto $8.29 750
Corner Bakery D.C. Chicken Salad $7.29 610
Corner Bakery Ham & Swiss Pretzel $8.29 610
Corner Bakery Roast Beef & Cheddar $9.29 670
Corner Bakery Tuna Salad $7.29 610
Corner Bakery Uptown Turkey Sandwich $8.79 730
Potbelly Buffalo Chicken $6.30 580
Potbelly Chicken Salad $5.55 600
Potbelly Grilled Chiken & Cheddar $5.95 610
Potbelly Mediterranean Chicken $6.75 560
Potbelly Roast Beef $5.60 620
Potbelly Smoked Ham $5.50 610
Potbelly Tuna Salad $5.50 530
Potbelly Turkey Breast $5.50 550
Potbelly Turkey Cheddar Bacon $6.10 600
Pret’s Balsamic Chicken & Avocado $7.59 480
Pret’s California Club (Turkey Breast) $7.79 390
Pret’s Chicken & Bacon $7.29 480
Pret’s Chicken Mozzarella $7.99 550
Pret’s Smoked Ham & Egg $6.29 470
Pret’s Tuna & Cucumber $6.29 560
Subway Big Philly Cheesesteak $8.95 1010
Subway Black Forest Ham $5.75 570
Subway BLT $6.96 630
Subway Buffalo Chicken $7.95 840
Subway Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt $8.25 1140
Subway Club (Steak and Ham) $8.25 630
Subway Cold Cut Combo (Ham) $5.95 710
Subway Curved Turkey $8.25 670
Subway Italian B.M.T (Ham) $7.25 810
Subway Melt (Turkey, Ham, and Bacon) $7.95 750
Subway Onion Chicken Teriyaki $7.95 740
Subway Oven Roasted Chicken $6.95 640
Subway Roast Beef $8.50 630
Subway Rotiseerie-Style Chicken $8.95 690
Subway Steak & Cheese $8.25 760
Subway Tuna $7.25 960
Subway Turkey Breast $7.25 560
Subway Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham $7.25 570
Taylor Gourmet 9th Street Italian (Ham) $7.99 760
Taylor Gourmet Ben Franklin (Chicken) $7.99 600
Taylor Gourmet Broad (Chicken) $7.99 610
Taylor Gourmet Cherry (Roast Beef) $7.99 740
Taylor Gourmet Federal (Ham) $7.99 770
Taylor Gourmet Locust Street (Turkey) $7.99 600
Taylor Gourmet Memphis Raines (Chicken) $7.99 630
Taylor Gourmet Race Street (Turkey) $7.99 660
Taylor Gourmet Ritner (Roast Beef) $7.99 710
Taylor Gourmet South (Chicken) $7.99 630
Taylor Gourmet Vine (Chicken) $7.99 670

Source: The companies’ websites
*Subway sandwiches are footlong size. Taylor Gourmet sandwiches are regular size.

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