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These Instas of People Enjoying Ice Cream Jubilee Will Get You in the Mood for Summer

It's cold and we want it.

Photo by @bikabout via Instagram.

Washingtonians love Ice Cream Jubilee, and so does Instagram. So snap that IG before the sweet, melty treat gets all over your outfit.

It's starting to feel like spring ?? @icecreamjubilee #dcfoodporn // TAG AN ICE CREAM LOVER

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A crave-worthy scoop combo.

Wandered upon the best ice cream and splash pad combo ever: Ice Cream Jubilee and The Yards! #BikaboutGAP

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The best binoculars–we hope to use them this year too.

because why not.

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I'm a weirdo. #proudtobeone #icecreamanyone #monday#onday#nday#day#ay#y

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A suggestive cup pose.

What's the scoop⁉️? @mikejchau #fabfoodfiesta

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It’s the Jenga of dessert.

Red on red on red.

Warm weather calls for icecream?|?: @icecreamjubilee

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Bring your cone to the sprinklers.

Weather permitting. ?#igdc #acreativedc #iscreamyouscream #globalwarming

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Spring's got us sprung and we don't care who sees ? @beyonce #federalfoodies

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Looks like a Marion Barry top scoop.

Perfect summer night for icecream ??Honey lemon lavender & coconut lychee lime @icecreamjubilee #icecreamjubilee

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Use your cone as an outfit accent.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…not going to the gym ?

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