Just in Time For Summer, An Underwater Cycling Class in a Dupont Rooftop Pool

All photographs courtesy The Embassy Row Hotel.

It’s pretty hard to find the motivation to exercise outdoors during DC’s hot, humid summers, but a new workout at The Embassy Row Hotel might just be the solution. Splash Cycle, an underwater “aquacycling” class, will be hosted on the Dupont hotel’s rooftop, so you can work on your tan and your quads all while staying cool in the pool.

The underwater stationary bikes use the water for resistance.

What exactly is aquacycling, you ask? While it’s similar to the spinning classes you’ve come to know and love, your bike is submerged and it uses water—rather than, say, magnets—for resistance. Also, since you’re also underwater from the waist down, the workout is low-impact, which is great news if you’ve been experiencing joint pain from other exercises. The Splash Cycle website also mentions that the water helps to improve your circulation, which makes senses as studies have shown that water immersion can boost blood flow.

At Splash Cycle, the bikes are submerged in water.

Though Splash Cycle premiered in DC last August, it’s back for a full season starting May 15 and continuing through September 26. The 45-minute classes will run on Monday and Tuesday nights from 5 to 8 PM, so you can watch the sunset from the rooftop as you pedal. You’ll want to bring a towel and a swimsuit to the classes, which are free for guests of The Embassy Row Hotel and $25 for non-guests. Registration will be available on Splash Cycle’s website, but drop-ins are welcome.

The classes take place at sunset on the rooftop of Dupont’s Embassy Row Hotel.

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