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Food Money Sex: Drinking at Home With No Pants On Like It’s Your Job

The weekend consumption diary for a random Washingtonian.

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the course of their weekends. On Mondays, we put it on the internet. This week:
  • Does: Events coordinator at a think tank, 28
  • Lives: Mt. Vernon/Shaw, one roommate
  • Is: Female.
  • Makes: $54,000
  • Married? In a newer relationship (6 months)
  • Friday: Drank a full French press of coffee, had some granola with a banana for breakfast, leftover Moroccan chicken pie for lunch w/salad, and then Indian feast and red wine for dinner (both meat + veggi thali ordered in + a little fried dough ball w/cardamom and rose syrup).
  • Saturday: Drank coffee in bed, came home late and made two fried eggs w/leftover Moroccan chicken pie and salad, taught swimming lessons in the afternoon and grabbed a vanilla latte from SlipStream, ate an orange while waiting for a friend/starving, met at Colada and got a piña colada and a Cuban sandwich (worth it), went to a birthday thing and ate cheese/crackers/chips/salsa/birthday cake + Moscow mules and then vodka and mystery mixers when the ginger beer ran out, went to another party and ate party mix and pomegranate Moscow mules.
  • Sunday: Coffee in bed, granola in the morning, picked up a pesto portabella salad at Sweetgreen for post-run lunch, made a lasagna w/ground beef + veggies and ate that for dinner, picked up some wine at a bodega across the street and had a glass with more lasagna while watching Big Little Lies.
  • Friday: Worked from home, ordered Instacart groceries ($47 w/tip) then took an Uber to get my haircut ($10.39) by my boyfriend (free). We ordered Indian ($30.57) and decided to order wine with minibar ($21.87) because kalsarikannit.
  • Saturday: Bought a latte while waiting for a friend on 14th street ($5) then a birthday gift at Little Leaf ($22) then drinks/food at Colada (sooo good, somewhere around $25). Took the metro (free/Smart Benefits) to a friend’s apartment in SW, then took an Uber later in the night to a party ($4.20) and then home ($7.26).
  • Sunday: Bought Sweetgreen for lunch ($11) and paid 1/2 month rent for a sublet I’m currently staying in until the 15th ($325).
  • Total: $509.29
  • FridaySex in the apartment entry after walking in the door, more sex/fooling around before bed/between tv episodes (I made my boyfriend watch the new season of Girls and he’s now insisting on watching the entire series starting from season 1).
  • Saturday: Two rounds of quick but amazing sex before coffee.
  • Sunday: Nothing.

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