Cheap Eats 2017: Red Apron Burger Bar


The team behind Red Apron Butchery works its magic with burgers—fashioned, of course, from humanely raised meat from Virginia—at this narrow Dupont Circle hangout. Patties are a touch thicker than what you’ll find at a fast-food restaurant, and a whole lot tastier thanks to the flavorful beef (choose from Black Angus or nuttier, grass-fed Ancient White Park) and toppings including house-made cheese whiz. The gut-busting Double Vision, a double burger stacked with bacon, pimiento cheese, and tomato jam, is the best kind of Southern comfort food, while the Yardbird, made with yogurt-marinated chicken and whipped feta, will transport you to Greece. Also good: Standard burger with pickles, onions, American cheese, and special sauce; chili cheese fries.

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