How I Got This Body: Losing 100 Pounds by Running Every Single Day for a Year

Photographs courtesy Doug Ricketts.

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Who I am: Douglas Ricketts, 29, Pacers Running store manager from Centreville, Virginia

What inspired my change: “Insecurity was a major reason for the change. General health, and the desire to feel and look better were also major reasons for my change in lifestyle.”

How I transformed: “I lost close to 100 pounds. I was running on a regular basis, dieting, and weight lifting every day. I realized once I had lost the weight, that I still had more potential for athletic gains, so I worked hard to achieve more. I’m amazed by my low 50 resting heart rate (use to be high 70s).”

My exercise plan: “I would constantly run—running ended up being more for enjoyment. I would run to work (seven miles) almost every day. I would do body-weight workouts and lift weights regularly. During the beginning of my weight loss, more often than not, I’d just be running.”

My health eating plan: “I eliminated all non-essential food (empty calories, bad fats, simple carbs). I ate plenty of complex carbohydrates to fuel my exercise, took protein supplements, and ate lean meat.”

I would constantly run—running ended up being more for enjoyment.

How I feel now: “I like being able to go out and run without feeling bogged down. When I’m working out regularly, I feel much more awake and alert—and generally much happier.”

One piece of advice: “There is no one-size-fits-all weight loss program. Like anything new, weight loss can become a full time commitment. It involves trying new things, and being consistent with what works well. Do not starve yourself. I cut back substantially at one point and that ended up making me bonk. Eat healthy and hearty foods.”

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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