This Beagle Puppy Yoga Class Is the Only Thing That Really Matters Right Now

Photograph by Sergey Norin via Flickr.

Are you prepared to die of adorableness? Because if you sign up for this beagle puppy yoga class, you may do just that. I mean, come on:


Hosted at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington by yoga instructor Beth Wolfethe class will include a small litter of four beagle puppies. If you’re really more of a cat person, don’t worry: the class will also involve at least four kittens that will wander among the class participants. And if you really just want to snuggle with some puppies and kittens, sans-yoga, don’t worry: the class promises to be “mellow, mostly seated” yoga. You’ll still have to register for the class though, even if you plan on skipping the downward dogs in favor of cuddling with puppies.

There are two beagle puppy yoga classes on the calendar, both on the evening of November 9. The first session is at 5:30 PM and the second is at 7 PM. Tickets cost $40 (the event benefits the Animal Welfare League of Arlington), and you can sign up for the class on EventBrite.

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