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The Trump Fiction Project

Think 2017 was weirder than fiction? We asked 5 novelists to imagine Trump's next year.

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It was the great cliché of 2016: If someone had written the year as a novel—a reality-show tycoon violates every rule of political decorum and becomes President—it would have been panned for being ludicrous. If anything, the 2017 sequel was even more far-fetched: The victory, it turned out, may have been aided by a foreign power. Now a prosecutor was on the case, with the presidency hanging in the balance. As 2018 looms, we decided to take our own stab at the story. We asked a handful of fiction writers—from different backgrounds and genres—to each write a story set in the new year. Can their scenarios manage to be stranger than life? Check back in a year. Stories edited by Howard Means.

These stories appear in the December 2017 issue of Washingtonian.


Howard Means

Howard Means is a former Washingtonian senior editor whose first article for the magazine appeared 40 years ago. The author of ten books, he now lives in rural Virginia.