PB&Js, BLTs, and Beer: What the Founder of Body Positive Bootcamp, an “Anti-Diet Activist,” Eats in a Day

All photos courtesy of Bianca Russo.

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Last summer, personal trainer Bianca Russo, 29, launched Body Positive Bootcamp, a fitness program focused on one-on-one training sessions and bootcamp classes with the mission that all genders and body shapes are welcome. She began holding sessions at parks in Petworth and Columbia Heights, and by the fall, moved things indoors through a partnership with Fit 360 DC, a neighborhood gym near her home in Mount Pleasant. Russo now provides eight personal training classes on a typical day, plus one bootcamp class (that’s a 13-hour day), and on Monday evenings hosts free workouts via Facebook. This summer, she’s adding back classes in the park.

That’s a lot of kettlebell squats, battle ropes, and deadlifts to fuel. Russo has a decidedly laid-back approach when it comes to food, calling herself an “anti-diet activist” and eating intuitively. Her advisor and colleague Sam Tryon, RD says that Russo’s approach to food “is a lot like [Body Positive Bootcamp’s] philosophy on movement: Listen to your body, do what feels good, have fun, and be flexible.” Here’s what Russo eats in a typical day.


“Fried eggs, toast with raspberry jelly (we were out of butter—I felt sad), an apple, and water. Usually I’ll eat a banana and a Clif Bar while walking to work; I chose this food today because I had the time to cook it. And I’ll nurse my coffee after eating the first meal. I take it hot with half-and-half or whole milk.”


“I train from 7:00-11:45 AM, teach a class at 12:15 PM, then train again from 5:00- 7:45 PM. In the morning my sweetheart will pack me a PB&J or two (cut into four triangles) and I’ll eat a portion between each session. I worked from home today so opted for the classic DIY rectangle cut, plus pistachios because YUM.”


“Everything bagel BELT! That’s bacon, eggs, lettuce, and tomato with salt, pepper, and sriracha (obviously). Too hangry for further explanation.”


“BLT on a homemade hot pretzel. We just bought bacon from Harris Teeter so I feel pretty great about the meals I had today. Everything was tasty and I feel fully energized.”


“Yes, it’s a date night but no, we didn’t need two spoons. Coconut ice cream on a potato bun exclusively for yours truly.”

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Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen ([email protected]) is a freelance writer in Alexandria.