3 Unconventional Facials at DC Area Spas

These luxury spas offer unique approaches to achieving flawless skin.

Photography courtesy of Dimitris66 / Graphic House / GettyImages. Graphic design by Omari Foote.

Intra Oral Massage

Bespoke Aesthetics & Wellness

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location_on 3233 P St., NW.

Photograph of an intra oral massage by Cecile Storm.

According to the description of this $290 facial, “You’ve never felt anything like it!” Unless your dentist performs facials, that’s probably true. Along with typical cleansing, a pair of gloved hands massage inside your mouth and jaw, a technique said to help lift and define the face. Caity Weaver of the New York Times wrote of the experience: “It felt how ASMR sounds, except that it was also intermittently briefly uncomfortable.” Weaver also reported that her skin looked fantastic.


Circadian Rhythm Facial

Lorien Hotel & Spa

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location_on 1600 King St., Alexandria.

Lorien Hotel & Spa. Photograph courtesy of Lorien Hotel & Spa.

Is your skin more into morning or night? Let your face know you’re listening with this $165 facial, which purports to be timed to skin’s different needs throughout the day. Just like when your stomach demands chocolate to get through a midday slump, your face supposedly needs a pick-me-up or a calm-me-down. A facialist will chat with you–and your face?–to determine the best protocol.


Nano Facial Nutraceutical Infusion

Little Oasis Spa

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location_on 5950 Little Hubbard Dr., North Bethesda.

Perhaps in homage to Oppenheimer, this $270 facial promises the “manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale.” Bonus: no mushroom cloud. Instead, nano needling, it claims, painlessly creates hundreds of superficial, microscopic permeations on the skin’s surface to allow for greater absorption of topical products. “If there were a painless, noninvasive way to improve the ‘atomic’ and ‘molecular’ structure of our skin,” says dermatologist Noëlle Sherber, “everyone would be using it and it would not be a niche spa-menu item.” Still, some reviewers report glowing skin.