Today at 11: Chat With Food Critic Ann Limpert

Leave a question for Ann, and she'll get to as many as possible this morning.

Join us today at 11 AM to chat with Ann Limpert. Have questions about the newly passed Initiative 77? The uptick in Japanese restaurants (including the new omakase spot in the Trump hotel)? How to celebrate the Fourth of July? Or maybe you just need a dinner recommendation. Leave a question below, and Ann will get to as many as she can this morning.

Ann: Good morning, chatters. Slow news week here in the food world, eh? 

For starters, voters passed Initiative 77, which eliminates the tip credit and will require restaurateurs to pay their workers minimum wage. What might happen remains to be seen, but my colleague Jessica Sidman has an excellent breakdown of a few of the most likely scenarios.   

And you’ve all heard that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted by protesters while she was dining at the inexplicably chosen MXDC. A few days earlier, Trump advisor Stephen Miller was heckled by customers at Espita Mezcaleria, another upscale Mexican restaurant. While DC dining rooms were once relatively safe spaces for government officials, even ones mired in controversy, the issue of family separations seems to be a tipping point. My side question: Why do these folks keep choosing to dine at Mexican restaurants?

Anyway, lots to talk about. Onto your questions! Ask them in the form below; the chat transcript shows up underneath that.