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What to Know About the Water Situation at Your DC Gym or Fitness Studio

How DC's water advisory could impact your workout Friday and throughout the weekend.

Photo by Anna Spiegel.

Early Friday morning, DC Water issued a boil water advisory if you live in pretty much the majority of Northwest and parts of Northeast DC. This means you should boil water for at least three minutes before drinking it, using it to brush your teeth, or giving it to your pet.

Some gyms, like Vida Fitness Logan Circle and U Street, let their members know about the water advisory via e-mail, including info such as the smoothie situation (they won’t be serving smoothies made with ice, but drinks made from frozen fruit or açai bowls are safe to order). Its Penthouse Pool Club will not be serving drinks with ice. One other really important pointer? Do not drink from the water fountain.

This info seemed to surprise a few other studios and gyms when called. Many said they offer filtered water from their fountains. Hey, gyms, just so you know, DC Water has advised that customers not rely on filtered water. We repeat: do not rely on filtered water.

Most gyms and studios said they offer bottled water for purchase.

Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen ([email protected]) is a freelance writer in Alexandria.