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Sorry, Reporters: White House Vending Machine Prices Are Going Up

"#thanks Obama"

Reporters who are thirsty for the truth–and a Diet Pepsi– may soon shell out some more cash if they want to say hydrated at the White House.

According to letters taped to the beverage and snack vending machines in the press filing centers, prices will likely rise soon to offset increased operating costs. The note, dated August 1, reads:

“To our Valued Patrons: Effective over the next couple weeks the prices in the Vending machine may be adjusted to offset increases we have received in product costs from manufacturers. We remain a Proud Service Provider supporting the Randolph Sheppard Business Enterprise Program. The BEP provides persons who are blind with business entrepreneurship and self-support through the operation of vending facilities on federal, state, and other property.” 

One passerby scribbled “#thanks Obama” on the note fixed upon the dim, glowing blue light of the Pepsi machine which has provided many a reporter a much-needed caffeine fix at 1600 Pennsylvania.

The machines, which provide fine offerings such as tuna in a can and Veggie Chips, have long been a source of sustenance for the White House Press Corps, this author included. (My go-to was a snack size portion of Cheeze-Its.) It’s unclear how large the price hike will be and if the Trump administration’s controversial tariffs on aluminum and steel have anything to do with this sudden change.

White House Correspondent Association group outings to 7-Eleven, anyone?

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