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5 Ways to Express Your Emotions Now That You’re a Hot Cone of Rage

Ax-throwing, skeet-shooting, or just screaming: They'll all work.

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There’s a sort of collective anger lingering in Washington after the public hearing of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, so we thought it’d be great to suggest some creative ways to challenge the unavoidable tornado of anger you must be feeling into something a little more fun.

Ax-Throwing at Bad Axe

Look, I know all you want to do is throw sharp objects at a wall. I get it. But throwing plates at the wall is costly and who has the time to pick up all those pieces off the floor. Instead, consider ax-throwing at Bad Axe, where you revert to your inner Tarzan and hurl a very sharp object at a target with a group of friends with (hopefully) no cleanup required.

Throw a Left Hook at Downtown Boxing Club DC

Getting into a physical fight is definitely more fun when you’re in a roped-off ring and can pretend you’re training for a match in Vegas. Throw a punch (or several) at Downtown Boxing Club, where you can both float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in order to train yourself for the crime-laden streets of Bethesda.

Blow the Hell Out of a Clay Target at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Shooting Range

Nothing gets my adrenaline rushing like the feeling of shooting a clay disk out of the air, just like our Founding Fathers intended . Skip brunch this weekend and make the trek to Riverdale. Bonus points if you name each shot after a crummy day of the week.

Drink and Hit a Lot of Balls at Topgolf in Alexandria

Look, I know heading out to the range and hitting golf balls seems like something a middle-aged white guy would do, but hear me out: fun music, pitchers of beer, and blasting golf balls off into the ether? Could be an A-1 way to blow off some much needed steam while Pitbull blares through the speakers. Dale.

Just Get Out There and Scream

If all you can manage yourself to do this weekend is scream at the top of your lungs into the void, that’s okay, too. I suggest heading to the National Arboretum if you’d like to be surrounded by delicate fall foliage as you holler. Rather be drowned out by noise? Take to the arch in Chinatown, where’s theres bound to be some high octane street music. Or, if you crave the sweet release of complete hedonism, go to Adams Morgan around midnight on Saturday and meander into Shenanigans Pub. Underage college kids love to scream, too!


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