Cheap Eats 2018: Gom Ba Woo


Panchan at Gom Ba Woo. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

Many restaurants serve homey food, but few capture the essence of a communal table like this cozy Korean spot. Portions, doled out by attentive servers, run extended-family size: platters heaped with mandu (dumplings) or slices of pork bo ssam and kimchee ready to be wrapped in steamed cabbage leaves. Soul-ful stews such as doenjang-jjigae are a sought-out specialty; the heady brew of fermented soybean paste and vegetables is a cure-all for fussy babies and hangovers alike. Also good: Seafood pancake; bibim guksoo (cold noodles with kimchee and egg); sul leung tang (ox-bone broth); bibimbap.

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