Watch a Sexy Donald Trump Drag Queen Perform a Striptease at Le Diplomate

The French restaurant, known as a political hotspot, totally transformed on Halloween

Photograph by Russell Warnick.

Le Diplomate is a favorite dining spot among DC’s political elite. Joe Biden, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Ivanka Trump are among the many famous faces who’ve been spotted at the French hotspot. Former EPA chief Scott Pruitt famously wanted to use his motorcade’s sirens and lights to cut through traffic on his way to dinner there. And the Diplomatic Security Service—the law enforcement and security arm of the State Department—conducts training exercises in the restaurant for agents preparing for protective details.

Last night, though, it was a totally different scene. As part of its Halloween festivities, the restaurant hosted a lip sync contest and drag performances advertised as “a dash of spooky and a lot more naughty.” Drag queen Geneva Confection couldn’t have embodied the theme more perfectly… as a sexy Donald Trump. Confection wore a dark blue suit, red tie, fishnet stockings, silky red gloves, and slacks cut into a “very sensible booty short.” Completing the look: a trail of toilet paper dangling from her chunky heels. (“All night I had people trying to pull it off of my shoe.”) She then performed a striptease to the tune of Lady Gaga‘s “Government Hooker:”

Confection has been doing drag off and on for six years but parodied the President for the first time as “a large Donald Trump baby” during DC Drag Wars a couple months ago. Not knowing Le Diplomate’s “power spot” reputation, Confection decided to go as “Sexy Trump” for Halloween.

Confection says she got a “mixed reaction” from the crowd. (She came in second place.) While drag has become more accepted and mainstream, “I think drag at its core will alway remain subversive and a little bit offensive,” she says. And what could be more subversive than a highly feminized, sexualized Trump?

Confection went all in on the farce, too, grinding atop the makeshift stage and making comments like “Am I the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? I know everyone wants to fuck me, it says it all over the city, ‘Fuck Trump.'”

So will Confection make future appearance as Trump?

“I never want to be a queen who relies on one or two schticks to get my name out there, but it’s something no one else is doing,” she says. “I can do the voice well enough that people think it’s funny, so yeah, I think I will.”

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