You Need a Strong Drink. Here Are 5 Places to Find One.

Everything's going to be fine.
Martini service at Hank's Cocktail Bar. Photo by Anna Spiegel.

It’s been a week. Need a stiff cocktail? We’ve got some suggestions:

Martini service at Hank’s Cocktail Bar, $15
819 Upshur St., NW
Because you’re definitely going to need a refill, this martini is served in a carafe over ice to keep it cold. You can pick you favorite gin or vodka, and the whole thing comes on a tray with a chilled glass and an array of garnishes, including pickles, olives, and lemon peel.

Pineapple of Hospitality at Archipelago, $25
1201 U St., NW
This tiki cocktail with rum and “secrets” is served in a whole pineapple. Technically, it’s supposed to serve two, but no need to share. Plus, the flame on top is too perfect a metaphor.

Mega Mule at 801, $44
801 Florida Ave., NW
Imagine a copper mug so massive it could double as a planter for your fiddlehead fern. Now imagine it filled with a Moscow mule. Now drink that.

Whiskey soda at Dan’s Cafe, $20
2315 18th St., NW
You can mix your drink as strong as you like at this cash-only dive bar, which serves a squirt bottle full of whiskey with a can of soda. Just don’t forget to return your squirt bottle to get back your $5 deposit.

Barrel of Old Fashioned at Barrel, $60
613 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Plenty of bars will serve you an old fashioned, but here you can get a bottle of Old Overholt and bitters in a liter barrel with fancy ice, sugar, and citrus on the side. Four people minimum are required to order this boozy drink.

Correction: This story initially had the wrong address for 801. 

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