8 Local Gifts for That Healthy Person in Your Life

What to buy for the most wellness-woke person you know.

Wondering what to get the healthiest person you know, but looking to avoid the awkwardness of picking out the wrong size sports bra? Or not sure if you should get her chocolate protein powder with 21 grams of protein per scoop, or strawberry shortcake flavor with 17 grams of protein per scoop, and don’t want to risk losing $50 on the wrong one? It can be exhausting to shop for wellness-woke people, so here are some simple ideas—that you can also find locally—to hopefully please the most persnickety fitness junkie.


Let the fitness instructors keep their Moleskines. This journal in Nordic blue won’t get lost in the sea of black notebooks littering the weight room floor, and the bulleted (and numbered!) pages make it a breeze to track runs, gains, foods and sleeps. Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Notebook, $25, Penny Post, 1201 King St., Alexandria.


This natural stick deodorant is not only aluminum-free, but also doesn’t contain baking soda, which can irritate sensitive skin. Plus, cats! Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Baking Soda-Free Stick in Grapefruit, $14-$20, Take Care, 1338 Wisconsin Ave., NW.


No matter the workout, it’s pretty likely that coffee is a pregame fixture for your favorite fitness hound. These beans from Pheo Coffee, which was founded by Dr. Larry Istrail, an internist at Inova Fairfax, come in four roasts, each inspired by a significant person or moment in medicine (pictured is Wilhelm Rontgen’s X, a breakfast blend that celebrates the discoverer of X-rays). Through a partnership with Watsi, a portion of the proceeds goes toward surgeries in developing countries; your beans arrive with a photo of the person your purchase is directly impacting. Pheo Coffee, $16-$23, online only.

Fanny Pack

This little fanny pack sports the same silver sheen and yellow lining as its more popular big sister, the Metro Tote, and is a bit more amenable to fitting in those tiny SoulCycle lockers. MZ Wallace x SoulCycle Exclusive Metro Belt Bag, $145, available at SoulCycle West End, 2301 M St., and SoulCycle Bethesda, 4931 Elm St., Bethesda.

Barre Socks

These barre socks are like mittens for your feet. The mesh top keeps things breathing while the gripped bottoms keep you from sliding off into a split during plies (the split big toe enhances stability). Shashi Classic Barre Socks, $16, Summit to Soul, 727 8th St., SE.

Boxing Gloves

Swing by Urban Boxing DC—voted the best boxing gym in America by Men’s Fitness—and pick up these gloves for the bruiser in your life. Boxing Gloves, $50, Urban Boxing, 1116 24th St., NW.

Foam Roller

Nix your always-sore partner’s complaining with this vibrating foam roller. Its four frequencies tap into soft tissue to significantly cut rolling time, and its compact, 12-inch length makes it more portable than the standard pillar-sized rollers. Trigger Point PerformaceGRID Vibe Plus Vibrating Foam Roller, $100, REI, 201 M St., NE. 


Inspired by Chevy Chase, MD native Olivia Pivirotto while a freshman at the University of Richmond, the SwigSafe Party Tumbler helps track drinking by using markers on the side of the vessel. While geared toward college students (the lid prevents the drink from being spiked), the tumbler is also a good idea around the holidays, when binge drinking tends to peak. SwigSafe Party Tumbler, $38, and available at A Mano, 1677 Wisconsin Ave., NW, and Dalton Brody, 3412 Idaho Ave., NW.

Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen ([email protected]) is a freelance writer in Alexandria.