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Washingtonian Today: Chuck Schumer Goes on Twitter To Discuss…Cardi B?

Day 27 of the partial government shutdown. Catholic Charities DC will be offering limited financial assistance for current rent, medical needs, and essential home supplies to anyone with a valid government employee or federal contractor ID who is struggling to make ends meet. Assistance will be available at James Cardinal Hickey Center in NW until 1 PM. Furloughed workers are officially receiving back pay, too.

Wake Me Up When The Shutdown Ends…is the title of a real government shutdown parody music video. I can’t believe I just typed that phrase. Watch it, conveniently with sing along text, here.

Remember yesterday when I was pitching Chuck Grassley as the most “online” Twitter politician? Guess some senators were reading. Brian Schatz, Chris Murphy, and Chuck Schumer participated in a pretty bizarre Twitter discussion last night about a video criticizing the length of government shutdown from rapper and human soundbite machine Cardi B. Again I ask: Is this what we want? Do I want to know if Chuck Schumer thinks that Kanye has a point about his beef with Drake and that he should stop sending him purple emojis? We’re living in Earth 2 and I’m not sure if I like it.

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It’s Winter Restaurant Week. Here are some of the best new restaurants to check out, as well as the best brunches. And from 2015, but still relevant, here are Anna Spiegel‘s tips for getting the most out of Restaurant Week. Tweet me if you end up somewhere fun!

Want to discuss Trump’s fast-food feast? Get a Winter Restaurant Week recommendation? Need to drink your feelings? Join Ann Limpert this Friday at 11 AM to talk food and dining. You can leave a question now and Ann will get to as many as possible on Friday morning.

In case you missed it: Steve Carell and other major stars are going to be in a new workplace sitcom about…the Space Force. Unfortunately, Space: Forced? is not the title and I am completely rejecting this project on that basis.

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

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  • Sometimes I like to don a faux fur coat and check in on luxurious open houses in my free time. Join me.

Our pick for things to do around town:

EXHIBIT: ARTECHOUSE’s new interactive exhibit, “Everything in Existence,” is the first North American exhibition by Italian studio fuse*. The exhibit strives to appeal to our feeling of self in a larger world through four multimedia installations that process data in real time. These “living” pieces of art are constantly changing and adapting, giving visitors the feeling that they are connected to something more. Through March 10. $8-$15.

Good reads:

After discriminating against a trans woman, Cuba Libre is going to have to pay up. (DCist)

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