March 1, 2019: Chat With Food Critic Ann Limpert

Leave a question now for Ann, and she'll get to as many as possible this morning.

Join us today at 11 AM to chat with food critic Ann Limpert. Have questions about the rapidly expanding beer scene in Navy Yard? The latest pop-up bar from the Drinks Company folks? Or maybe you just need a dinner recommendation. Leave a question here and Ann will get to as many as she can this morning.

Ann: Good morning! Hope you’ve all had great weeks. Have you been to Rooster & Owl yet? The snug new spot from chef Yuan Tang (ex-Dovetail) and GM Carey Tang is worth checking out.  

There’s a lot I’m typically wary of here: a prix fixe-only format, vegetable-forward cocktails, but, at least on my early visit, the couple and their team really pulled it off. $65 gets you a four-course menu of share plates. My early can’t-misses: The riff on pot roast with oxtails set over the smoothest, richest mashed potatoes; the carrots glazed in tangy Carolina barbecue sauce and set off with a quenelle of cornbread ice cream; and the Grand Plumage cocktail, which is made with cognac aged in bourbon barrels and is about the tastiest beet cocktail I’ve ever had (oh, how wrong they can go). 

Get there soon, because I have a feeling it’ll be much harder to get into when word really gets out about it. 

Also, Coconut Club chef/fellow The Office addict Adam Greenberg wrote in, in response to my comments in last week’s chat about his new restaurant near Union Market. Here’s what he had to say (Thanks, Adam, for chiming in): 

Just to comment on the post: we’ve revamped the shishitos, based on a lot of similar feedback, we agreed. It needed some love; and are now doing with a spicy whipped tofu on the side for dipping. Hearts of palm has also been given a facelift…..but wanted to let everyone know we deeply care about guest feedback and continue to get better every day. We’re not here cooking for anyone other than you, the people!

Side note: the office is my favorite show of all-time, so I sort of LOVE the comment about the warehouse party. I only hope Jim, Dwight, and Andy make an appearance.

Come visit us soon, we’re only getting better with each day we’re open. Thanks to all that have come, and taken the time to leave their reviews.


Anyway, onto your questions! Ask them in the form below; the chat transcript shows up underneath.