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Britain Still Plans to Take Part in the EU’s Open House Day This May

Brexit chaos gave the UK's embassy a little breathing room for the DC event.

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The European Union’s vote to extend Britain’s deadline means it won’t be completely awkward for the British Embassy to participate in a pan-EU embassy event this May in DC. EU Open House is a day when member states open their embassies to Washington-area residents to promote cross-cultural exchanges and good tidings, and often hors d’oeuvres. It is is scheduled for May 11 this year. “Our participation in the annual Open House Day is a reflection of the close relationship we have with our European friends and partners, and we’re excited to join them in opening our doors to the American public once again this year,” a spokesperson for the embassy writes in an email.

Brexit will be delayed until May 22 if British Prime Minister Theresa May is able to convince Parliament to accept her plan, which it has rejected twice already. If May is unable to secure a deal, the deadline for Britain to leave shifts to April 12. Britain could then leave the EU under a so-called “hard Brexit” or perhaps even cancel Brexit. Washingtonian will check in on next year’s EU Open House next March.

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