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With the Mueller Probe Over, Who Should Be on Resistance T-Shirts?

A few suggestions for people who could grace anti-Trump gear.

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For almost two years, people used Robert Mueller as shorthand for anti-Trump sentiment, wearing “It’s Mueller Time” hats and T-shirts, drinking from “very legal and very cool” mugs, and burning special-counsel prayer candles. But with the Mueller probe concluded, Trump haters are going to need some new T-shirts. So far, it seems like the US District Court for the Southern District of New York is the post-Mueller fave (you can get SDNY fan tees here). But here are a few other suggestions for prominent people whom resistance retailers could slap onto their merch instead of the recently departed special counsel.

Adam Schiff

The House Intelligence Committee chairman is consistently on message—and his committee could end up subpoenaing Mueller to find out what’s in the report, if necessary. Schiff is a natural candidate for next big resistance leader. Unlike Mueller, he is vocal, ever-present on cable news, and highly partisan. He’s also newly empowered by the Democratic House majority. Plus, his last name is a goldmine, as our President has made clear. There’s already Schiff-andise on Amazon, such as these “Congressman Adam Schiff” and “The Name Is Schiff Bitch” tees. Suggested T-shirt slogan: “Schiff Happens.”

Amy Berman Jackson

The federal judge, recently in the news for her role in the Paul Manafort and Roger Stone trials, has captured the public’s attention for good reason. Her no-BS personality has gained her quite the following—writers have called Jackson a “damn boss” for her handling of Stone’s behavior. NPR recently characterized her as the “decider-in-chief.” Suggested T-shirt slogan: “You’ve Been Jacksoned!” (Although we’d also vote for something riffing on the Action Jackson movie poster.)

Daniel Goldman

The House Intelligence Committee attorney, a former MNSBC legal analyst and Russian-mob prosecutor, is another vocal critic of Trump. Plus, his previous litigation against organized crime could set him up as the principled resistance attorney that Michael Avenatti once claimed to be. We weren’t able to find any Goldman merchandise online, so it’s a wide-open market! Suggested T-shirt slogan: “The Gold(man) Standard.”


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