Today at 11: Chat With Food Critic Ann Limpert

Leave a question now for Ann, and she'll get to as many as possible this morning.

Photograph by Scott Suchman

Join us today at 11 AM to chat with Ann Limpert. Have a question about where to eat and drink before the next Caps game? The latest string of restaurant closures? Or maybe you just need a dinner recommendation. Leave a question now for Ann, then tune back in later this morning.

Ann: Good morning, chatters! What a week it’s been (yes, on the restaurant-news side, too). There is a string of closuresMeiwah, Meridian Pint, Kyrisan—to mourn. But on the upside, there’s also lots of new growth to celebrate. After a week of pretty much eating pizza exclusively, I’ve gotta say that the District’s pie game has been upped considerably in a very short amount of time. I loved Stellina, the pretty order-at-the-counter spot by Union Market, which excelled both with classic Neapolitan pies, but also with pastas and small plates (do not miss the fried artichokes, or the paccheri with ragu). And I have much affection for Sonny’s in Park View—there’s really nothing like it in town. The square pies have a focaccia quality, but the base is thinner, with crispier, lacier edges. As someone who unabashedly loves a thicker pie, I can’t wait to go back. Meanwhile, over in Ballston Quarter, Turu’s is serving small-scale Timber pies, which is not a bad thing (they’re still planning to segue to slices in a few months, though). And I’m looking forward to checking out Michael White’s Nicoletta in Mount Vernon Triangle—opening tonight! 

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