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David Cameron Gets a Sweet Post in DC

Cameron during a 2013 visit to Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron will join the board of local artificial intelligence firm AfinitiWashington Business Journal reports. In a statement, Cameron lauds “the huge potential AI has to address some of the challenges that societies face today.”

If you’re British, one of the challenges your society faces today is the absolute dog’s breakfast that is Brexit. And David Cameron is uniquely responsible for that disaster. The former British Prime Minister agreed to hold a referendum on leaving the European Union, reportedly because he thought his Conservative party would lose seats in the 2015 elections. They won, and he had to go through with the moronic idea. He then further demonstrated his political skills by campaigning against leaving the EU—and lost. Then he resigned, or as my wife, a native of Edinburgh, would say, fucked off to let everyone else deal with the mess. (He says now he has no regrets.)

In addition to his gig at Afiniti (a company Washingtonian wrote about recently), Cameron is working on his memoirs, for which he reportedly received an £800,000 advance, doing a typically bang-up job with a China trade fund, and has some other projects, too, including the acquisition of a pretty nice shed. As my boss tweeted, Washington used to be a place where our own political dunces could remain, unpunished and even rewarded, for the rest of their lives. Now, apparently, this local tradition is available to the world.

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