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Justin Fairfax Leaves Law Firm, but No Wrongdoing Found

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, above, will leave his law firm after the conclusion of an internal probe found no wrongdoing.

An investigation into Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax by the law firm where he was a partner has concluded with no finding of wrongdoing. The firm, Morrison & Foerster, launched an internal investigation in February after allegations arose from two women (unconnected to the firm) who accused Fairfax of sexual assault. The investigation found no evidence of additional wrongdoing during Fairfax’s time of employment there, a firm spokesperson tells Washingtonian.

In addition, Fairfax has chosen to leave the firm, a decision the spokesperson describes as voluntary.

See the entire statement from below from Morrison & Foerster:

“Following reports that two women in February 2019 alleged sexual assault in 2000 and 2004, the firm initiated an investigation to determine whether there had been misconduct during Justin’s tenure at the firm. Justin joined the firm in September 2018. While outside counsel conducted that investigation Justin voluntarily took a leave of absence. Justin fully cooperated with the investigation. The investigation conducted by the firm found neither allegations nor evidence of any wrongdoing by Justin during his tenure at the firm. With the conclusion of our investigation, Justin’s leave of absence has ended. Justin has informed us, however, that he has decided to leave the firm and we respect that decision.”

Update: Fairfax provided Washingtonian with the following statement:

“When Morrison & Foerster announced several months ago that it intended to perform an investigation following the recent allegations about events from 15 and 19 years ago, I told the firm I would fully cooperate, knowing that any investigation they decided to perform would find I had done nothing wrong.  Morrison & Foerster investigated my tenure at the firm and found no hint of any wrongdoing.  

The allegations by Ms. Watson and Dr. Tyson are false and totally inconsistent with how I have lived my entire life.  I previously passed two FBI background checks.  I have now voluntarily passed two lie detector tests related to the allegations by Ms. Watson and Dr. Tyson.  I have repeatedly asked for an investigation by law enforcement because I know that any professional, unbiased investigation will clear my name.  It has been an honor to be affiliated with such a distinguished firm as Morrison & Foerster and I wanted to allow them to conclude their investigation before announcing my departure from the firm.  But with that process completed, I have decided that, at the present time, it is best for me to focus my attention on serving the people of Virginia.”