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Plastic Straws Are Officially Banned in DC. So Where Can You Buy a Reusable One?

It's the final straw for single-use plastics in the District.


DC’s plastic straw ban is officially in effect. Any business serving drinks must now provide a straw alternative, ranging from compostable versions that are dubiously eco-friendly to paper straws that tend to disintegrate before you’ve finished your iced coffee. 

If you’re on the hunt for your very own reusable straw, there’s a wide range of available products, from collapsible ones that fit on a keychain to metal sets that come with a cleaning brush. Several local home goods shops stock metal straws, like Salt & Sundry, which carries individual stainless steel straws for $3 and Urban Dwell, which has copper-finish sets of four straws for $20. 

For more variety, Tabletop offers both straight and bent metal straws in both five-inch and 10-inch models. 

For non-metal straws, retailers like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond (the Gallery Place location confirmed it carries both metal and silicone straws), and Amazon sell reusable straws in an assortment of materials, as do some specialty brands. Here are some popular models: 

FinalStraw, which raised $1.8 million on Kickstarter, is a silicone, collapsible straw that comes in a case that fits on a keychain, making it easily portable. It’s currently on preorder, but is set to ship this month.  

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Buluh bamboo straws received Saveur and New York magazine’s endorsements, and Amazon reviewers note the wood alternative is better for children or people with sensitive teeth. 

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It makes me so happy to open boxes of our loose straws from Bali! I love the circular pattern they make! Buluh Straws are organically grown in Bali and package in California! When we received our 1st shipment of straws 3 years ago, the straws were bundled in plastic bags and they had rubber bands, we immediately communicated that we didn’t need any plastic and to simply use recycled newspapers to protect the straws. ? We also told them to use stronger boxes so they don’t have to use so much tape whee they are shipped ? We all wrap and protect things to be professional and safe but now we just have to learn how to do it without plastic ?#noplasticstraws #zerowasteliving #plasticpollution #leadbyexample #refusesingleuse #plasticfree #changetheworld #buluhstraws

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Hummingbird glass straws are dishwasher safe, made in the US, and easily used with hot drinks. 

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For one of the better deals in the reusable straw world, Target’s Room Essentials line offers a nine-piece stainless steel straw set complete with silicone tips for $8, available at the Rosslyn, Cleveland Park, and Columbia Heights locations, among others.

Katrina Schmidt
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