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No, the National Mall Web Cam Wasn’t Turned Off to Hide the Crowd Size at Trump’s July 4 Speech

Photograph by Evy Mages

Rumors were abound Thursday that President Trump had ordered the National Mall webcam turned off before his retooled July 4 celebration at the Lincoln Memorial:

However! Reached by phone, a representative of EarthCam, the New Jersey company that ran the National Mall camera, tells Washingtonian the camera has been turned off for months and has not been operated by any other entity since. The National Park Service confirms the monument cam is down but expands the timeline it’s been off: Since September 2017, says NPS spokesperson Mike Litterst. The Washington Monument has been closed for repairs since August 2016.

EarthCam tells Washingtonian the company is on the hunt for new locations in the DC area. So, to be completely accurate, yes, the camera was taken down before Trump spoke, if by “before” you mean “a long time before.”

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