Here’s How Some of the 2020 Democratic Candidates Break a Sweat

Does chopping wood count as exercise? (Looking at you, Sanders!)

The mental and physical aptitude of presidents and presidential candidates is a never-ending source of fascination for the public. (Remember the brouhaha over Trump’s medical exam?)

Whether you’re campaigning as a candidate or actually leading the free world, it’s all pretty grueling stuff. So what are the 2020 Democratic candidates doing to keep themselves in fighting shape?

We went down the internet rabbit hole to gather what recon we could on some of them, but if anyone can dig up what Amy Klobuchar does to break a sweat, we’re all ears (although one would think comb-stabbing a salad does torch some cals).

Joe Biden

Who can forget the classic Obama-Biden workout video supporting Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign? Biden says he works out every morning (he’s the proud owner of a Peloton bike), and he’s been known to lift weights. He also (unofficially) challenged Trump to a push-up contest earlier this year.

Bill de Blasio

The mayor of New York City works out at the Park Slope YMCA in Brooklyn most mornings, where he rides the stationary bike and lifts weights (but apparently doesn’t always wipe down the machines after he uses them).

Cory Booker

The senator has lost weight on his much-talked-about vegan diet, but he’s also dabbled in SoulCycle and weight lifting.

Pete Buttigieg

The South Bend, Indiana mayor is a runner who completed a half-marathon in an hour and 42 minutes when stationed in Afghanistan.

John Delaney

The former congressman from Maryland likes to swim and lift weights and is committed to getting in a workout anywhere—even a Las Vegas airport.

Tulsi Gabbard

The Hawaiian congresswoman has been known to wake up early for yoga and pre-debate bootcamps with her team, is a member of a bipartisan workout group on the Hill, and surfs when she’s home in Hawaii.

Kirsten Gillibrand

The New York senator likes to run, play squash, lift weights (as documented earlier this year on Twitter), and spin—she took a class at H Street cycling studio Election Cycle last year.

Kamala Harris

The California senator says she works out every day. She’s a fan of the elliptical machine, swimming, and SoulCycle (and even sometimes takes the uber intense, hour-long Soul Survivor classes).

Jay Inslee

The Washington governor is an avid cyclist who has been known to go on 100-mile bike rides, as well as an outdoorsman who grew up hiking and skiing.

Seth Moulton

The Massachusetts congressman and former Marine is a runner and has joined the Solidcore outings that the senator Kyrsten Sinema has organized with other lawmakers, as well as the annual morning workout Rep. Markwayne Mullin hosts for Men’s Health Month.

Beto O’Rourke

The former Texas congressman has been known to go on (and write about) runs through DC, and has broadcasted his morning circuit workout via Facebook Live.

Tim Ryan

The Ohio congressman is a yoga devotee and practices mindfulness and meditation.

Bernie Sanders

The Senator apparently…chops wood? (Probably a good workout, though.)

Tom Steyer

The San Francisco billionaire has said he exercises two hours a day and has been known to hike.

Elizabeth Warren

The Senator is a walker (often with her golden retriever Bailey), and attempts to clock six miles a day on her Fitbit.

Marianne Williamson

While the self-help guru attended a Daybreaker gathering in New York earlier this year (the event is part-sober rave, part-dance workout), she sadly was only there to campaign, not partake in said raving. But Williamson is a devoted yoga and meditation acolyte.

Daniella Byck and Elliot Williams contributed reporting to this piece. 

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