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Shut Down DC Wants to Act AGAIN This Friday

The climate activists blocked traffic Monday. Details on their September 27 plans are still in flux.

Photo by Evy Mages

The group that snarled traffic all morning is planning to take to the streets again on Friday, September 27.

According to Shut Down DC spokesperson Kaela Bamberger, the group decided in a meeting today to take action again at 7 a.m. this Friday morning. Representatives from each of Shut Down DC’s affinity groups were overjoyed with the success and attention today’s action garnered, and wanted to do something to honor the final day of the global climate strikes.

“Today’s action was a huge success in terms of…ultimately achieving our goal to disrupt business as usual,” Bamberger said. “This [shutdown] serves as a beacon in terms of tactic to having an effective action, calling for climate solutions, and in the amount of attention [it received online.]

The group has not determined the exact details of Friday’s action, but Bamberger expects an even larger group of protestors after the attention garnered by today’s 2000 some activists.

Jane Recker
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