What’s in My Gym Bag: 9Round Owner Chellis Garcia

Photo courtesy of Chellis Garcia.

Who: Chellis Garcia
Does: President of Temeraria Fitness Inc. and franchise owner of 9Round Silver Spring
Approach to fitness:  “[Fitness has been] an interest of mine my entire life, but one that I never got to devote a lot of time to,” says Garcia. “[Fitness needs] to be consistent. It’s got to be frequent and it’s got to fit into your life. And it’s got to be fun so that you want to do it, and that’s actually one of the things that sold me on 9Round.”


The Bag

Since Garcia runs her own gym, she enjoys one perk most of us don’t—she gets to stash her bag at the gym to avoid lugging it around. She opts to keep it simple with a 9Round drawstring gym sak. It holds everything she needs for a day that could include anything from personal training sessions to assisting clients to fixing equipment. While you can’t add a 9Round bag like Garcia’s to your cart online, this Nike sak provides a similar feel and look. Plus, it keeps everything in one place. Nike Heritage 2.0 Gym Sak; $18; Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Gloves and Wraps

It’s no surprise that a kickboxer keeps a set of boxing gloves and wraps handy. Garcia’s set is from her own gym and are included as part of a membership deal or can be purchased a la carte. 9Round Gloves and Hand Wraps; $36; 9Round Silver Spring.

Mesh Bag

Kickboxers often have a love-hate relationship with their hand wraps, says Garcia, which trap sweat and dirt, but can also tear up the insides of gym bags. The solution, she says, is as simple as a mesh laundry bag.

“You can re-wrap your hand wraps, but they get stinky pretty quick. Instead of wrapping them after you’ve used them and they’re full of sweat, throw them into the mesh bag. It airs them out just a little bit more. When you do want to wash them, which is about weekly, you should take the mesh bag and throw it into the washer so the velcro doesn’t tear up all the rest of your clothes.” iDesign Mesh Wash Laundry Bag; $3.99; Amazon.

Hair Ties

The most important things Garcia keeps in her gym bag also happen to be the smallest: hair ties and a few extra barrettes. “There’s nothing worse than working out and having your hair flying all over the place, and it’s something that I always lose. Actually, I keep extra ponytail holders at my gym just for women who forget theirs because I know how annoying it is.” Scunci Bright Elastics; $4.79; Target.

Tennis Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Garcia has rotated through plenty of brands and has yet to find a mainstay, but she does know what she likes when it comes to footwear features. She opts for laceless tennis shoes with light treading. “It’s easier to work out on the mats [with minimal tread].” She’s currently wearing a pair of ABEOs that she says she’s loving. ABEO Abound; $69; The Walking Company.


Garcia loves these socks, which feature a non-slip silicone heel pad for stability. She typically sports no-show socks that won’t peek above the tops of her shoes. ABEO Women’s Sport Liner II; $5.95; The Walking Company.

Aly Prouty
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