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Should You Go to the Taco Bell Cantina in Columbia Heights?

Taco Bell's flagship Cantina in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy Taco Bell.
Umbrage Court

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A Taco Bell Cantina is planned for Columbia Heights this spring. As DCist reports, the prospect of a Taco Bell Cantina—a swankier version of the fast-food restaurant whose locations often serve beer, sangria, and “Twisted Freezes”—has violently divided some segments of DC Twitter. This special edition of Umbrage Court will help you decide how to approach the Columbia Heights Taco Bell Cantina.

I would not like to go to the Taco Bell Cantina

Good news: Eating at Taco Bell is still optional in this country.

I would like to go to the Taco Bell Cantina

Live Más, my friend.

No matter what decision you make, no one who feels otherwise should be affected. Thank you for reading Umbrage Court.

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