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Hey, Kids! Design Your Own Washingtonian Cover About Life Under Quarantine

Download a blank here. The best designs will appear in print.

Coronavirus 2020

About Coronavirus 2020

Washingtonian is keeping you up to date on the coronavirus around DC.

It’s an unprecedented moment in history, for our country, and for just about every family in it.

Now we’d like your family’s help in capturing the way we live now—in a way that also makes for a nice diversion on a day when school’s out and playdates are off limits.

Each month, Washingtonian produces a magazine whose cover is designed to show off that issue’s theme—ideally with compelling imagery and a memorable headline. This month, we’d like to invite young readers to do the same. We’ve made a blank version of a Washingtonian cover. You can download a PDF, print it, and then design it however you want: with crayon, paint, marker, or your own computer. Just like with a regular issue, we’re aiming for a showstopping look and a headline that captures the moment—in this case, how life feels in a region under quarantine, anything from “School’s Out!” to “I’m Bored” or any other emotion that might reflect how you’re feeling.

Send an image of your cover to by March 30. Include your name and age. Winners will be notified by email and will have their submission displayed in our May issue.




Michael Schaffer has been editor of Washingtonian since 2014. A former editor of Washington City Paper and editorial director of The New Republic, Michael is also the author of One Nation Under Dog, a 2009 book about America’s obsession with pets. A DC native, he currently lives in Chevy Chase DC with his wife and their two daughters.