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New Covid-19 Infections in Washington Area Increase to Near Record Highs

The number of new cases in the District hit its second-highest daily level of the pandemic.

Coronavirus 2020

About Coronavirus 2020

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The Washington region reported 1,216 new Covid-19 infections going into Friday, the DMV’s second highest daily total of the pandemic.

DC, Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland each saw increases in the daily number of new coronavirus cases going into Friday, but the District’s jump was most substantial. The tally of new cases in the District nearly doubled, to 217, from the previous day. It was DC’s largest single-day tally since April 9, and its second highest since record keeping began.

Still, the number of new coronavirus cases in the Washington region going into Friday was below the record daily high reached last weekend.

All told, the DMV region’s total number of confirmed cases increased to 26,516 going into Friday, according to data pulled from daily updates to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. (Washingtonian’s full data set can be found here.)

To examine the effect of the coronavirus on the region, Washingtonian examined only the data from the eight relevant jurisdictions that comprise the metro area.

Click here to see the full data set procured by Washingtonian, including county by county.

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