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Teenagers Test Positive for Coronavirus After Spending Senior Week in Delaware

More than a hundred other people may have been exposed.

Cape Henlopen in Lewes, Delaware. Photograph via iStock.
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Public health officials in Delaware are advising that teens who recently traveled to its beaches and attended crowded senior week festivities get tested for Covid-19, after multiple teenagers at a group rental in a popular beach town tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to a press release from the Delaware Division of Public Health, at least three teenagers who were staying at a Dewey Beach, Delaware, rental have recently tested positive for the virus. These three teens were part of a group of twelve teenagers living in a single rental unit, and they attended several crowded gatherings in nearby Rehoboth during their stay. As a result, according to state health officials, they may have exposed more than a hundred other people to Covid-19.

In its statement, the agency said it is not providing any additional information on these Covid-19 cases; it also said it isn’t aware of any other cases related to senior week. It did, however, provide guidance for teenagers—or parents of teenagers—who recently traveled to Delaware for senior week events.

“[The Delaware Division of Public Health] strongly recommends anyone who participated in senior week activities, especially in Dewey/Rehoboth beach, and who lived or stayed with a group, or attended a large gathering, to consider themselves at risk for the virus, self-monitor for symptoms and to consider getting tested.”

In addition:

“Families whose children participated in senior week activities at the beach and are planning graduation parties, should consider rescheduling them for 14 days after they left. If they hold them, they should consider their children at-risk for the virus and limit the teens’ exposure to vulnerable family and friends such as grandparents or family members with chronic health conditions.”

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