Today at 11: Chat with Food Critic Ann Limpert

Chat with Ann about takeout, recipes, restaurant reopenings, and more.

Photograph by Scott Suchman

Join us today, July 24 at 11 AM to chat with Washingtonian food critic Ann Limpert. She’s here to answer any questions you may have—whether about takeout recommendations, ways to support black-owned restaurants, restaurant reopenings, or anything else. Leave a question now in the form below, and Ann will get to as many as she can.

Ann: Hello! It’s great to be back after a lovely week off, relaxing on Lake Erie. I  spent a lot of time on boats, got to know one local doughnut shop way too well (shout out to Donut Shop in Huron, Ohio), got lots of QT with my husband, in-laws, and daughter, and even…ate at a restaurant! It was less stressful than I imagined, actually. Diligent mask wearing, strict social distancing, and a very pretty, flowery patio setting. What about you? Sticking to takeout or dipping your toes back into restaurant-going?

Let me know that, and what else is on your mind. Submit your question or comment in the form below; the chat transcript shows up underneath.