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Kanye West Spotted Having Lunch on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

The rapper and presidential candidate dropped into Latitude 38 in sleepy Oxford.

West in New York City, 2011. Photograph by Flickr user Jason Persse.

Is that—really?—Kanye West?

That was the reaction the rapper and 2020 presidential candidate received when he walked into Latitude 38 restaurant in Oxford, Maryland, on Monday—a sleepy Eastern Shore town popular with sailors.

“We watched him come in and my bartender was like ‘That looks like Kanye West.’ But he was short, so we Googled his height,” says owner Gretchen Gordon. Sure enough, it was the larger-than-life, 5’8” rapper.

Gordon says the party of seven made an advance reservation under a covert name, and were “perfectly nice” about being sat at two separate tables due to Covid restrictions. Wife Kim Kardashian was not in the party.  Two security guards were stationed outside during the lunch.

West, who missed making the ballot deadline in Maryland, didn’t seem to be campaigning. Rumors flew about the reason for his visit on social media after Gordon posted a Facebook photo—which was shared by Politico’s Daniel Lippman—including a theory that he purchased the $15.5 million “mannequin mansion” close to Easton. The security detail told Gordon that West was visiting friends. 

Gordon says the drop-in was,“bizarre, but it was a lot of fun to cook for him. They were the only people in the dining room and having a good time—laughing and singing a little.” West ordered two entrees: a house-smoked roast beef sandwich with furikake onion rings and tiger sauce, and crispy rockfish and chips. He also requested a glass of Chardonnay.

“My bartender was like ‘I can’t serve Kanye West our house Chardonnay,” says Gordon, so the bar opened a nicer bottle of Irony.

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