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Here Are the Protests Happening Around Washington This Week

Get ready for more demonstrations as Election Day nears.

Protesters on June 3 on 16th Street, NW. Photograph by Evy Mages

As November 3 approaches, activists around DC are ramping up protest efforts to make their voices heard, with some groups holding daily protests in the run up to Election Day 2020. Here are some of the protests happening around Washington this week.


Pop-up Action to Stop Amy Coney Barrett: ShutDownDC and Demand Justice will gather in front of the Supreme Court at 1:30 PM to protest Coney Barrett’s nomination. More information here.


Supreme Court Speakout: Everyday at 8:30 AM, demonstrators with the Center for Popular Democracy gather in front of the Supreme Court to demand that the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat not be filled until after the inauguration. Expect to see some people in full Handmaid garb. More information here.

30 Days of Protest: Refuse Fascism DC will continue their “30 Days of Protest” Friday at the Supreme Court to protest the Trump/Pence administration and demand that no nominee be confirmed to the Supreme Court before Inauguration Day. The rally starts at 3 PM. More information here.


No Confirmation Until Inauguration: Refuse Fascism DC will take a break from their daily rallies at the Supreme Court to host a demonstration on the steps of Capitol Hill to demand Congress wait to confirm a SCOTUS nominee until after the inauguration. The rally starts at 3 PM. More information here.

Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest: DMV Peaceful Protests, a group of racial justice advocates in Silver Spring, will be holding this rally in support of Black Lives Matter. The rally will begin at 4 PM at Northwood High School. More information here.

FTP March for Roxanne Moore: The TheyThem Collective will host a march at Dupont Circle on Saturday to demand justice for Roxanne Moore, a transgender woman from Pennsylvania who police shot 16 times. The march will begin at 7 PM. More information here.

Community Mutual Aid: DC Protests, a group of racial justice activists, usually hosts a weekly march on Saturdays in Malcolm X Park to protest police brutality and systemic racism. This week, they will instead host “Community Mutual Aid,” where there will be public food stations for anyone in the community starting at 3 PM. The group will then host a small procession to join the TheyThem Collective for their march.  More information here.


Rise Up for RBG: SPACEs in Action, a grassroots DC political organization, will be hosting a rally on the front steps of the Supreme Court to demand that Justice Ginsburg’s seat not be filled until after the election. The rally will begin at 8 AM. More information here.

Defend Democracy, Vote, and Decolonize Union Station: On Indigenous People’s Day, protestors will gather in Union Station at 11 AM to advocate for more local control of DC. The group will also protest the monument to Christopher Columbus in Union Station and help people register to vote. More information here.


#UnRigTheCourts: The People’s Parity Project, a network of attorneys and law students, is hosting their #UnRigTheCourts National Day of Action on October 14. The headline event will be a rally at the Supreme Court at noon to protest Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. More information here.

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