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Dwayne Haskins Joins a Crazy-Long List of Ex-WFT QBs in the Dan Snyder Era. Here They All Are.

When you see them all in a row, it's a powerful snapshot of utter disfunction.

This week, the Washington Football Team, sitting at 1-3 on the season, made the surprising decision to bench starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins and go with backup Kyle Allen. Last season, Washington used the 16th overall pick on him, and then gave him just 11 starts under three different head coaches. Not exactly the consistency you’re looking for with a young franchise QB. They did not exactly put Haskins in the best position to succeed this season, handing him the 29th ranked offensive line (according to Football Outsiders) and limited weapons on the outside besides Terry McLaurin.

The Washington Football Team has a deep history of QB mistakes: not giving talented ones a chance, drafting the wrong one, paying the wrong one big dollars, and on and on. Most teams would prefer not to average more than one starting QB per season over a 20-year stretch (and for those keeping score at home, only four of them had a winning record). Let’s run down their list of starters in the 20 years since Dan Snyder bought the team.

  • Brad Johnson (1999-2000, 29 starts, 18-11)
  • Jeff George (2000-2001, seven starts, 1-6)
  • Tony Banks (2001, 14 starts, 8-6)
  • Shane Matthews (2002, seven starts, 3-4)
  • Patrick Ramsey (2002-2005, 24 starts, 10-14)
  • Danny Wuerffel (2002, four starts, 2-2)
  • Tim Hasselbeck (2003, five starts, 1-4)
  • Mark Brunell (2004-2006, 35 starts, 16-19)
  • Jason Campbell (2006-2009, 52 starts, 20-32)
  • Todd Collins (2007, four starts, 3-1)
  • Donovan McNabb (2010, 13 starts, 5-8)
  • Rex Grossman (2010-2011, 16 starts, 6-10)
  • John Beck (2011, three starts, 0-3)
  • RG3 (2012-2014, 36 starts, 14-22)
  • Kirk Cousins (2012-2017, 58 starts, 26-31-1)
  • Colt McCoy (2014-2019, seven starts, 1-6)
  • Alex Smith (2018, ten starts, 6-4)
  • Josh Johnson (2018, three starts, 1-2)
  • Mark Sanchez (2018, one start, 0-1)
  • Dwayne Haskins (2018-2019, 11 starts, 3-8)

Now for comparison, take a look at the Packers. Over the same 20 years, they have just six starters, and all but 18 games were helmed by those first two guys.

  • Brett Favre
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Matt Flynn (6 games)
  • Scott Tolzien (2 games)
  • Seneca Wallace (1 game)
  • Brett Hundley (9 games)

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Jacob Raim
Director, Digital Products