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These Are the Protests Happening Around DC This Week

Election Day will bring many demonstrations around the city.

Tens of thousands of residents marched through Washington on June 6 to protest the death of George Floyd. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Now that the 2020 Election is just days away, activists on both sides of the political spectrum are kicking into high gear. Many demonstrators are planning for protests to last multiple days.


Justice for Karon Hylton: Various racial justice organizations in DC, including the Palm Collective, are coming together to hold this demonstration in honor of Hylton and protesting his death. Hylton was killed last Friday during a police chase in Brightwood Park, and police have used pepper spray and flash-bang grenades on demonstrators demanding answers about his death in the last few days. The protests will start at 8 PM at the MPD’s 4th precinct (6001 Georgia Ave. NW), and will continue nightly until Election Day. More information here.


Halloween March to Cancel Rent: On Saturday at 3 PM, organizers from the Sunrise Movement and the DC Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America will gather at Fort Stevens Rec Center (1327 Van Buren St. NW) and march towards Mayor Muriel Bowser’s house, demanding the cancellation of rent. More information here.

You Can’t Scare the Revolution: Racial justice group DC Protests will hold their weekly march to abolish the police in Malcolm X Park (16th and W sts., NW) starting at 3 PM. This week, the group will also protest in honor of Karon Hylton. Participants are asked to wear black and bring noisemakers. “White ally” training will happen at 2 PM. More information here.


50 Days of Blessing: Women for a Great America, a conservative women’s political group, is holding a prayer service called “50 Days of Blessing” on Sunday. Demonstrators will pray for a peaceful election and for President Trump. Email for location information. More details here.


Disclosure Rally: The ETI Disclosure Party of Florida, a political group dedicated to finding out information about extraterrestrials and UFOs, will be holding a rally on Monday to protest the government’s “secrecy regarding UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life since the 1940s.” The rally will be held at the Ellipse behind the White House.

DC Action Lab: Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, has partnered with the DC Action Lab, a consulting group for activists, to organize a demonstration “against the election results.” The demonstrations will begin on Monday in Freedom Plaza and are expected to last through Thanksgiving, according to a permit filed with the National Park Service.


Catharsis on the Mall: A group dedicated to healing through artistic expression, Catharsis on the Mall, will hold a self-titled event at the Washington Monument. The Election Day event will focus on “healing,” with speakers, music, and artwork. It will also advocate for women’s rights and environmental justice, among other issues. More information here.

Solidarity means ALL-idarity: Generation Ratify, a youth-led political group focused on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, will hold a gathering in Thomas Circle NW starting at 3 PM on Election Day, to “defend democracy and resist the President.” From there, the group will walk to Black Lives Matter Plaza and join the event organized by ShutDown DC. Participants are asked to wear black, and masks are required. More information here.

ShutDown DC: Starting at 4 PM on Election Day, ShutDown DC is leading a coalition of activist groups in a demonstration to “ensure free and fair elections,” according to a permit filed with the National Park Service. The event will begin at Black Lives Matter Plaza and last for eight hours, with a jumbotron displaying election results, three go-go band performances, and various speeches and performances. It will kick off a week of protests planned by ShutDown in the Federal District, slated to end November 9. More information here.

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This list will be updated as new information comes in.