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There Are a Lot of Rallies Planned in DC This Week. Here’s a Rundown.


As Washington prepares for the election results, DC officials have issued a traffic advisory, closing 20 streets to parking on Tuesday and Wednesday in anticipation of various demonstrations around town. Here’s what we know about so far (this list will be updated):


DC Action Lab: Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, has partnered with the DC Action Lab, a consulting group for activists, to organize a demonstration “against the election results.” The demonstrations begin today in Freedom Plaza and are expected to last through Thanksgiving, according to a permit filed with the National Park Service.


Solidarity means ALL-idarity: Generation Ratify, a youth-led political group focused on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, will hold a gathering in Thomas Circle NW starting at 3 PM, to “defend democracy and resist the President.” From there, the group will walk to Black Lives Matter Plaza and join the event organized by ShutDown DC. Participants are asked to wear black, and masks are required. More information here.

ShutDown DC: Starting at 4 PM, ShutDown DC is leading a coalition of activist groups in a demonstration to “ensure free and fair elections,” according to a permit filed with the National Park Service. The event will begin at Black Lives Matter Plaza and last for eight hours, with a jumbotron displaying election results, three go-go band performances, and various speeches and performances. It will kick off a week of protests planned by ShutDown. More information here.

People’s Watch Party: Around 20 local progressive political groups, including 51 for 51 (a DC statehood organization) and Bend the Arc, will host the People’s Watch Party starting at 9 PM at Black Lives Matter Plaza to “celebrate democracy and ensure that every vote is counted.” The event is separate from ShutDown DC’s event, but it will also feature a jumbotron, as well as food trucks, music, and speakers. More information here.


ShutDown DC: Organizers with ShutDown will meet at Union Station and Black Lives Matter Plaza at 11 AM. From there, the two groups will be heading to visit “organizations and institutions that have been enabling Trump’s attack on democracy.” Extinction Rebellion DC, a political group focused on climate change, will be joining the Union Station group. More information here.

Protect the Results Rally: The Protect the Results coalition, nationwide network of progressive political organizations, is working in collaboration with the People’s Watch Party to host this rally, which will begin at 3 PM in McPherson Square. The rally will be focused on ensuring that every vote is counted and preventing Trump from “undermining the results of the 2020 presidential election.” Protect the Results will also be holding rallies across the country. More information here.

Trump/Pence Out Now: Refuse Fascism DC will hold an event at 5 PM in Black Lives Matter Plaza to protest the Trump/Pence administration. They will also be at ShutDown DC’s Election Night event and the Protect the Results rally in McPherson Square. More information here.


ShutDown the White House: Starting at 7 AM, organizers with ShutDown DC will head to the White House to demonstrate that they will not tolerate any attempts to “undermine democracy.” Participants will caravan to the White House in three shifts: at 7 AM, 9 AM, and 11 AM. More information here.


Count Every Vote: Organized by the Protect the Results Coalition, this rally will be held at noon in Lafayette Square. More information here.

Let the People Decide: ShutDown DC, in cooperation with CASA (a group focused on immigrant rights) and DC progressive political group SPACEs in Action, will be hosting this rally to call for all ballots to be counted in the Presidential election. There will be music and dancers as well. The rally will begin at 11:30 AM in McPherson Square. More information here.


Voters Have Decided Rally: People’s Watch Party will be putting on this event “as a celebration of the Democratic process.” The event will feature speakers from various political and community organizations, including MoveOn and Planned Parenthood, and organizers have said there will be food and live music. The rally will begin at 11 AM in McPherson Square. More information here.

Sweep Out Trump: Refuse Fascism DC and Code Pink will hold a rally in Black Lives Matter Plaza to “sweep out” Trump. Participants are invited to bring brooms and other cleaning supplies.  The rally will begin at noon. More information here.

March for Justice: DC Protests will still hold their weekly march to defund the police “no matter who wins the election.” The march will start at 3 PM in Malcolm X Park, with white accomplice training beginning an hour before. More information here.

FTP March: The TheyThem Collective will also hold their weekly march to defund the police this week. The march will be held in Dupont circle starting at 7 PM. More information here.

A Vision of Haven: Catharsis on the Mall, a group dedicated to healing through artistic expression, will be hosting this vigil on the National Mall on Saturday. Though the event will largely be online, there will still be a space, called the “Reliquary of Reconciliation” that will be open on the Mall starting at 8 PM on Tuesday. Saturday’s vigil will be live-streamed from the Reliquary and will feature meditations and artist workshops. The vigil will end with the burning of the “Lotus of Haven” effigy, which will be done off-site. More information here.


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This list will be updated as new information comes in.