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Photos: Election Night in DC

Photos: Election Night in DC
Sign-making at McPherson Square.

Thousand gathered in downtown DC Tuesday night to await results of the 2020 presidential election. Though many businesses boarded up and the Secret Service installed expanded fencing around the White House and Lafayette Square ahead of the election, the night was mostly one of quiet tension as crowds waited for a result that never came. In McPherson Square, a small crowd watched returns on a Jumbotron while others danced to music from the Long Live GoGo truck nearby. At Black Lives Matter Plaza, there were occasional dance performances, marches, and sign-making events. At times, moments of tension burst between Trump and Biden supporters and, in some cases between crowds and the police. But crowds mostly petered out in the early hours of the morning when returns dragged on. DC remains a city that’s just…waiting.⁠

Washingtonian photographer Evy Mages captures election night scenes around the city.

Outside the Trump hotel:

McPherson Square:

Black Lives Matter Plaza:

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