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Biden Says He’s Adopting a Cat. DC’s Biggest Animal Shelter Wants Biden to Choose One of These Three Kittens.

Fittingly, the shelter has named the babies Rehoboth, Lewes, and Bethany.

Newborn kittens, Rehoboth, Lewes, and Bethany. Photos and video courtesy of the Humane Rescue Alliance.

As if the prospect of dogs returning to the White House wasn’t exciting enough, Joe and Jill Biden announced last week that, in addition to German shepherds Major and Champ, they intend to bring a cat along to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, too. Naturally, DC’s biggest animal shelter stands ready to help.

On Monday, the Humane Rescue Alliance shared on Twitter that it has in its care the perfect litter of newborn kittens from which the Bidens can pick their new “Catbinet” member. The three babies were born on November 26. In honor of the Bidens’ affinity for the Delaware beaches, they’re named Rehoboth, Lewes, and Bethany.

Samantha Miller, media relations manager for the Humane Rescue Alliance, says their mom was found in Northeast DC’s Michigan Park on November 10, when animal control officers responded to a call about a stray cat who appeared to be pregnant. The mom, an approximately two-year-old Siamese, was placed in a foster home, where she gave birth a couple weeks later.

Miller reports that the litter’s foster family is quite smitten with all four cats. Mom, named Cattleya, is apparently a very good mother, purring whenever she nurses, and cuddling her babies when they seem distressed.

Rehoboth, the littlest kitten with the darkest markings, is “exceptionally cuddly” and prefers to sleep on top of of her mom. Lewes, the gray one, and Bethany, the largest kitten, are reportedly bolder, and more confident being away from their mother.

Kittens are typically ready to be adopted by eight weeks old, which means these three will be ready right around Inauguration. With Major, who came from the Delaware Humane Association, the Bidens will bring the first rescue dog to the White House. What better way to top that than with a rescue cat from right here in the District? I mean, just look at these faces…



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