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Why Can’t the Deep State Do Anything About the Trump Administration’s Christmas Parties?

“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band plays inside the White House’s Grand Foyer. Photograph by Dan Swartz.

President Trump’s last weeks in office are a middle finger to federal death-row prisoners, apostate office-holders, the incoming Biden administration, and, especially, public health. His White House is planning 20-25 holiday parties, and on Wednesday the Washington Post reported his State Department is planning parties for hundreds of attendees.

As John Hudson reports for the Post, these indoor events at State are a special sort of Covid nightmare:

A State Department spokesman said “we plan to fully enforce social distancing measures at this reception, and face coverings are mandatory for admittance.”

When asked how he could expect attendees to keep masks on at a reception that includes food and drinks, the spokesman did not offer a response. He also did not explain how the department would enforce social distancing, if even a fraction of the 900 guests show up.

There is, of course, nothing the DC government can do about any of these events, since they’ll take place on federal property. To which we ask: Where is the Deep State? You know, the shadowy cabal of permanent Washington that sandbagged the Trump administration with the Russia hoax, filled the Mueller investigation with 13 angry Democrats, pivoted to the impeachment hoax, then squashed the news of the laptop from hell with a big assist from social media companies, and then collaborated with Hugo Chavez’s ghost to steal the election via server farms in other countries? Surely stopping parties would be child’s play for those folks!

I wasn’t sure how to contact the Deep State for comment, so I tweeted, asking for a representative to comment; so far I haven’t had any luck. I also emailed Jerome Corsi, who has written about the Deep State’s assault on President Trump and, just for fun, wrote Washington-area street-parking maverick and National Security Education Board member Sebastian Gorka to ask for their insight. So far, the only response I’ve gotten is from Gorka, who replied, “Try not to be such a twit.” When I thanked Gorka for his advice, he replied, “Man you really are a cuck.” The way I’m reading that is: Of course the Deep State is trying to stop these parties. But so far it’s met its match.

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Andrew Beaujon joined Washingtonian in late 2014. He was previously with the Poynter Institute,, and Washington City Paper. He lives in Del Ray.