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No Plans for a DC Snowball Fight Just Yet

A snowball fight in Dupont Circle in 2015. Photograph by Coast-to-Coast/via iStock.

Flakes are falling around this snow-starved region Wednesday, which has all of Washington asking: When do we head to Dupont Circle and hurl icy missiles at strangers and, if at all possible, TV reporters?

Not so fast, Obi-Wan Ke-snowbi! The chances of a blanket of wintry white are too small yet to plan a proper snowball battle, says Michael Lipin, one of DC’s snowball-fight kingpins. “Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll get much accumulation in the District today, so we don’t have any plans right now,” he tells Washingtonian in an email. But, he notes, “we have been able to throw things together (excuse the pun!) on short notice in the past in response to changing conditions.”

If this snow defies predictions and we do get enough snow to create snowballs, make sure you keep a lot of distance between yourself and your fellow Ice Road Chuckers: the coronavirus spreads very well in cold air, too, and you may find yourself huffing and puffing as you try to pelt strangers with the perfect snowy fastball.

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