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Watch the National Zoo’s Giant Pandas Tumble Around in the Snow

Turns out our favorite giant pandas love the snow. The baby panda? Maybe not so much.

Baby panda Xiao Qi Ji testing the snow. Photo courtesy of Smithsonian's National Zoo.

Like many Washingtonians, the giant pandas at the National Zoo spent time playing in the snow on Sunday. Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian took to the ground, sliding headfirst down a small hill at the National Zoo (who needs a sled when you have so much fur?) before making the trek up the hill again.

Take a look at the giant pandas’ time in the snow:

For those wondering why Xiao Qi Ji, the baby panda, was not participating in the body-sledding expedition, it turns out he might not be a fan of the snow. The zoo reported that Xiao Qi Ji did not venture over to his parents’ outdoor habitat, choosing to remain in the area just outside of his own indoor habitat for about five minutes, before heading back indoors. So, the baby panda may be more inclined to curl up and take a nap while the snow gathers outside rather than cover himself with snow. And, honestly, who can blame him?