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Gunslinging Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Has Been Granted a Concealed Carry Permit in DC

DC police reached out to Boebert after a viral video seemingly showed her walking through the city with a concealed firearm.

Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Last month, Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert went viral for a video posted on Twitter that showed her walking around DC  while seemingly packing heat. While Congress members are allowed to carry firearms on Capitol grounds, individuals need a permit to walk around DC while armed.

In a press conference today, DC Police Chief Robert Contee confirmed that Boebert has been granted a concealed carry permit in the District. He explained that DC Police had contacted Boebert’s office after the video was released and walked them through the city’s conceal-carry laws. The permit allows Boebert to carry her gun to and from work, or anywhere else that she goes in the city.

Contee said he wasn’t sure how many other members of Congress had been permitted to carry by the District, but said that “his guess” would be that “there are others.”

Jane Recker
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